21 February, 2011

Rider Profile: Riccardo Stanley Mejia

We almost didn't have a Monday profile today. I have been pestering Riccardo all day about getting me the answers. He finally finished. Thank god. Hahaha. Seriously though I am very proud of this kid and how fast he has taken to riding bikes. I love to see him at races, and I always want him to win (unless I'm racing, of course). He is part of this next generation of LA cyclists, coming up from the streets, and that are gonna be killing it on every style of bike they touch, but also working on creating a better cycling city for LA. Everyone should take note and watch out. I will be right there cheering them on. Keep it up Riccardo, you are the future and I think it is in good hands.

YancoSaurusRex: New hats!

I love the Workmen cap and the Hatfields, and have a collection going on. These will be new editions to the pile. Great looking Caps from my two homies, Yanco and Tracko.

Deets from the Man himself:

Got some new Workmen's Caps made from a Vintage Liz Claiborne chambray poncho. These are definitely lighter than the usual Workmen's Cap allowing them to fit under a helmet a little easier and will keep your head a little cooler. But I doubt most of America is worried with keeping cool right now.

I also got a few new Hatfields made with the 2011 London Tweed Run in mind. Both wools were imported from bloody London with the idea that I would hopefully sell most of these Hatfields to Londoners participating in the Tweed Run. The first is the London Tweed Run named after the April 10th London Tweed Run Flyer's color palette and the second is Red London named after the band Red London. Both are made from a 100% wool imported from London. Anyone with a London address will also be receiving a special gift from us here at Tracko with your purchase.

As Kyle would say "Swoop Here"

BFF 2011

Who wants to help me make a movie for this years BFF?

Or learn how to Submit your own movie here.

Tokyo Bike Messengers 2010

Tokyo Bike Messengers 2010 from Aashis G on Vimeo.

Looks like it's popping for the Messengers in Toyko. I had no idea. Great short!

Prize pile

So, someone asked on the Race event page, "What are the prizes like?" Well, here's a photo of what I have collected from our sponsors. Beaver also has more then a few things at his house. Hope it makes you want to race! I would do it anyways...

Full list of Sponsors

Cache, Eyeone, and Skypager

New epic bike piece on Sunset in Silverlake, just west of Coronado. Good shit from the homies. The best part? This will be untouched and last until these guys decide to do something new there. Why? Out of respect.

I got another ticket.

While running errands on Saturday, I was headed home before the rains hit. Cruising down Virgil, hit a red light, didn't stop for it, did the old hook around the back of the car going through the light. A block later, LAPD nabbed me. The cops were cool, and we chatted for a bit, they knocked the ticket down to "a illegal lane change violation " Thank god. Those red light runner tickets are pricey down here.

This Man is a Beast.

Take notes Greg. Hoy destroyed the field, before the crash. Incredible. Beastly.

Here is the aftermath of the crash. It's gnarly...

A heads up for the weekend.

Beaver and Mine's Race! One of my favorites to throw and it's this Saturday!

FB Event Page.

Then on Sunday, it's the third installment of Fortune 700!

FB event Page.

If you don't come to the race, come to the after party, it's Chris's Bday and it'll be all swag.

After Party

Happy Presidents Day.

This goes out to those that have to work today.