30 December, 2009

Thibert Pally Video!!

@vbc_demolition 's French Rider Thibert Pally, gets Loose in this Video. I like his nonchalant laidback style..Some really good lines in here!

BIKE PORN Photo of the day!

yes It's a TARCK bike, Hate me.. @xxCONGOxx dope build man..New Volume Thrasher. get it

TOLA Welcomes Hern

Whether it's track or BMX, Hern is always killing it. I look forward to seeing your posts.

MITCHELL & NESS Los Angeles Lakers

I've been posting enough hats from other cites, time for LA to get some. This hat is fresh. I'm loving two tone colorway, and the Lakers hand style. Dope

Get it at Mitchell & Ness


This is via bike rumor, (thanks) I could never explain this in such detail, so here you go. Enjoy, I think this will change race/training game in alot of ways...

PedalBrain is a new iPhone / iPod app and hardware that provides a complete training partner. The carbon fiber base houses an ANT+ receiver to pull data from compatible speed, cadence, heart rate and power meters, then displays it on screen.

You can upload workouts before the ride and have the complete timing and information for each part of your training exercise instantly. Then, once you’re done, your workout and route info is automatically uploaded for friends, training partners and coaches to see (if you let them).

The real piece de resistance? You can set up Team Integration and the program will use the iPhone’s GPS and GeoLocation to see where your fellow riders are and show you where your teammates are on the map!

All of the information is uploaded in realtime, too, so your coach or friends can watch online as you ride and see where you are at any given point. Post ride, the info uploads and you can view it on PedalBrain’s website or share it via Facebook. You can also download it in SRM and WKO+ formats for integration into other workout programs. Pedal Brain is a member of the ANT+ alliance and is fully compatible with ANT+ cycling sensors such as SRM, PowerTap, Quarq, MetriGear & Garmin.

Various screen options will provide access to all the data you need during and after the ride. The same workout data is available for viewing on your phone as online. Thankfully, it uses Google Maps and not a proprietary or MSN / Mapquest map.

PedalBrain is still finalizing the costs and details, but here are the basics. The mount will be available in both Plastic ($130 to $200, actual price TBD) and Carbon Fiber versions (shown, $TBD). The mount is designed to fit over the steerer tube above the stem, and a spacer adapter will be available for those who need extra room either because they’ve topped the tube off or their stem has too much rise. It’s designed to work with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Availability is pegged for early Spring 2010.

In The Cutts Episode3 Macaframa

inthecutts Episode-3 Macaframa from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.

Behind the shit...


Nike 6.0 Brings NEW Action Sports Category to NFFTY
(National Film Festival for Talented Youth)

YOUTH-MADE FILMS | 22 AND UNDER| DEADLINE FEB 15THNike 6.0 is partnering with NFFTY( National Film Festival for Talented Youth) to add an Action Sports Category to the largest and most influential film festival and support organization for filmmakers 22 and under.

The action sports category is open to any short film (30 minutes or under) that represents, showcases or is inspired by Action Sports, including skateboard, snowboard, surf, moto, wake, BMX, or freeski. In order to meet eligibility criteria for NFFTY 2010: 1) the film’s director must have been 22 years old or younger at completion of filming; 2) all music and other copyrighted material used in films must be original or filmmaker must have obtained permission from the owner; and, 3) the film must be in English or subtitled in English.

Submission deadline for the action sports category is Feb. 15th.

NFFTY 2010 will be held April 29-May 2 in Seattle with over 100+ film screenings, film making workshops, and opportunities to meet and network with industry professionals. Submission forms and film uploads can be completed at www.nffty.org.

Saw this on Defgrip. No Fixed Gear yet. But I'm exited to see how this is gonna turn out! Only if I was a year younger and not so lazy!