10 November, 2010

DZR: Launch Party

*We are trying to make it up in time for this as well as the Bikes rock party for the BFF. So much fun shit to do in SF! Gotta pick up my shoes at some point this weekend, thanks Shane!

My question is, who scheduled this on the same day as the BFF week, seems like this should have gone hand in hand with the BFF or maybe waited a week. My two cents. Don't shoot me.

*edited for clairity

Chrome: Wrenched

More SF stuff! See Joe, it is easy to cover your city. Super easy. TOSF!

Anyways, remember that post I did awhile back on Wrenched? Well, it's being released! I can't wait for the LA one...

Deets from the Homies at Chrome. Look for a shop check and behind the scenes post next week on Chrome, after I get back.

Chrome, the world’s leading manufacturer of bike messenger bags and urban cycling footwear and apparel, is happy to announce their twice-annual free pocket guide, WRENCHED. Compiling the must-see’s and do’s of Chrome’s native SF stomping grounds as recommended by various creative types that inhabit these sought-after nooks and crannies, WRENCHED keeps the city fresh and exciting for both locals and tourists.

Each issue will focus on one major city and provide readers with insight on places to eat, drink, shop, wander, party, and relax as suggested by a select group of each city’s creative entities and cultural contributors. San Francisco WRENCHED tour guides include: Benny Gold, Brian Anderson, Colby Elrick, Dan Kastner, Dustin Klein, Keith Hufnagel, Kent Uyehara, Mike Giant, Mike Martin, Matt Revlli, Merkley???, Princess Donna, Sarah Murder, Grime and Tommy Guerrero.

Press and public are invited to come celebrate the launch of WRENCHED with Chrome and the WRENCHED posse on November 17th at 111 Minna. Featuring special guests and one-night-only art instillations. City seekers can also hunt down a limited print stash of the pocket guide at various San Francisco boutiques and dive bars.

Adam on Tracko!

SF, all day today! I go to check out Tracko, and bam! My homeboy Adam, front and center. Nice photo, boy! I'll see you Friday!


Neighbors: Dylan Bigby

Neighbors: Dylan Bigby (Trailer) from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

Since we're about to become TOSF! for the weekend, I thought this was a great edit to share. I plan on tracking Dylan down, an getting a headband made.

The Deets behind the edit.

The working title for the project is Neighbors, a series of short stories about individuals from various neighborhoods in San Francisco. Part conversational interview, part documentary – we get to know the individual in the context of their work and home environments, in order to gain a deeper understanding of their influences on the community.


Miles from Pietro Malegori on Vimeo.

270 miles in two days...

Team CB? When we doing this?


BFF SF. Kicks off today! TOLA! will become TOSF! late Thursday night. I'll be making the rounds all weekend. Cannot wait.