11 November, 2010

This Weekend in LA!

Since I'll be in SF for the next couple of days, I thought I would give a heads up on what is happening this weekend in LA.
Go race the Vuelta. It's a good one. Support these events. We do them for you.

SOUND.WAVS has moved to Saturdays. We have our night run by us. While I won't be there, go to it. Buy some beer and listen to some great music. I'll be back next Saturday, as your new Favorite bartender in LA.


Find -The Mountain Bike Film from ResetFilms.co.uk on Vimeo.

I really want to get into MTB. When I go home for Xmas, my friend Joe is gonna take me, Snow MTB on these Single Track Trails in AK. Can't wait.

Great Trailer

Via the Rumor


We getting some shit delivered at 4am, this weekend.

Speaking of LAB

I prefer the clip of Murph, falling through the window.

JK, JK. Great Spot.

Look what Juan made the other day...

Nice work playboy. He designed them, then he prints them. Do work.


Craft: Elite Attack Bib Shorts

Look what was waiting for me when I got home. Craft Elite Attack Bib Shorts. These are the Jam. So comfy, feels like you are wearing nothing at all. The packaging is amazing, then you free your bibs from it, they almost float out of your hand. So lightweight, very well made. I can't wait til my next day at the track or long road ride. Then the bibs will really get the run through.

-Carbon Fiber Fabrics for enhanced thermal regulation
-Body-control fabric with 4 way stretch
-Extremely lightweight fabric with excellent moisture transport
-Smooth and comfortable flatlock seams
-Ergonomic seams that follow body movements

I am amazed by these bibs, I really did not want to take them off.

Thanks Craft.

New Helmet day!

Fuck yes. Stoked. A helmet that fits my dome, and looks semi-normal. Fits hats underneath, feels solid on your head. So good.

Bikes Rock!

More BFF SF!!! We'll be up there late tonight, save us some 4lokos Joe!