11 May, 2011

Wolfdrawn – Lil B Roll #Based

Love me some Lil B... I cook.

LA Brakeless: In Stock: Volume Thrasher completes

Get them while they Last!


New Tees!

Got two new t-shirts yesterday.

1st up, the homie Tim hooked me with his "ride or die' shirt. He has a few designs, but no
shop yet. If you like his shit, then hit him up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/timothy.aro

2nd shirt, My old friend Owen sent me some West Coast Love from Ashkahn, too bad we got swept out of the playoffs...
Thanks Homeboy, I'll still rock this!

Retrogression: Calv Jacket

These look amazing. I heard they are flying off the shelves...

Get one at Retrogression!

Bike Night at Di Piazzas.

This got sent over to me this morning. A bike tune up night at a pizza joint in LBC.
Wrenching, beers, pizza and music. Sounds like a winner to me.

Facebook event page

Pedal Movement

"The Guys at Pedal Movement are at it again, and going back to their roots to bring Long Beach a bike tune-up night at a local hotspot. Teaming up with Di Piazzas they decided to make this event all ages with drink & food specials along with music starting on Wednesday May 11th 2011.

1. No Entry Fee
As long as you ride your bike you can come in and enjoy all of the fun. The entry fee if you want to burn gas is at least $5. Who wouldn’t want to ride their bike anyway with summer just right around the corner? It’s the perfect time to pump up some air in those tires, call up your friends and take a leisurely ride to Anaheim and PCH.

2. $1 Soft drinks & $1 Pizza (For the Under 21 Crowd)
Imagine having a night out with food, a drink and entertainment for only $2. That’s $4 for you and a date, and it sure beats paying $40 for dinner and a movie for two elsewhere. Did we mention that includes a band?

3. $1 Pabst & $1 Pizza (For the Over 21 Crowd)
I know times are tough but that shouldn’t mean you can’t be a baller on a budget. If you have $6 you have a good chance you can get a buzz and a slice of pizza.

4. Free Tune-Ups from the Pedal Movement Wrenches
It’s been a while since you had your bike inspected…those wheels are bit underinflated, your chain is a bit squeaky, and it could use some love. What better time to get your bike tuned than while you’re chowing down on some pizza, having some drinks and hanging out with your friends while listening to live music.

5. Bike Valet
You don’t need to worry about whether or not your bike is going to get stolen because the Pedal Movement guys are going to keep their eye on your bike with safe indoor parking on the patio.

If that hasn’t convinced you to ride your bike over to Di Piazzas for “Bike Night” then you are probably not into having a good time, cheap drinks, cheap food and free bike tune-ups."

Sounds like a blast, I heard that someone might be starting something like this in LA. Stay tuned...