29 July, 2010

The Mayor of LA on a fixie...

This is great, I'm sorry you had break your elbow in eight places, Mister Mayor, and we wish you a speedy recovery. Just please hold true to what you are saying, and let's make Los Angeles a Cycling City. It can be done!

Cog Issue 9

Cover Art by Dustin, thanks for the love on Cadence!

Swooped from Tracko, what's going on over there? I'm gonna come by the shop today, to make sure you're okay.

Wheelmen & Co x I love dust

Another solid release from The Wheelmen & Co Pick one up today!

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Hella Tight

I'm super stoked to have Hella Tight sponsor "The Lord of Griffith Two" this year. These hats are the shit. Extremely well made, great designs, mostly based on California Culture. This is the second race Hella Tight has sponsored for us, and it stokes me out that they are very down with what we are doing, I'm proud to rock their caps, and so should you. Come out and win one or order one online. Thanks Josh!