02 October, 2010

Hammer Nutrition: Fizz & Solids

I have been keeping my eye on new ways to hydrate or for energy supplements for races and training rides. I'm glad I saw these. They are the best. I got some samples at Interbike to test out, and I did so today. On a 20 mile ride (tomorrow going a bit further and harder) tested the both out. The Fizz, you put two tablets in your water bottle, dissovle and drink as normal. Great taste, did it's job Re-hydrating me and packs a nice little kick. The Solids, you just take one every hour, you're exercising, and away you go. So much energy, nice clean feeling, but you don't feel cracked out or sick to your stomach after the crash. They're a little strange, you expect them to be this hard candy, but they dissovle as as you pop them in your mouth, they dissovle into a mush. I wouldn't recommend you popping this as your hammering away, it's more of a rest stop break thing. The mush kinda throws you off, much like any Gu type packets. Just not really what you want in your mouth, when you're going full steam ahead. I really dug both of these and I'm looking forward to running around with this shit in my system.

Here the link to the site and technical crap on both.

Rapidly Assimilated Electrolyte Supplement
Superior cramp prevention
Full spectrum electrolytes in balanced formula
Versatile dosing for a variety of conditions
Offered in capsule or powder form
Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly

Consistent, stable energy
Easy to digest
Minimize lean muscle tissue cannibalization
Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly

SuperB Bikes: T-shirt

Gift from the homies at Superb Bikes, brought back to me by GTWODT. Thanks dude. I'll be posting shop photos and other tidbits, in a future post. Your shop looks good. Real good, can't wait to come visit. Thanks for the tee!

Rad design on the back...