21 October, 2010


Tonight is gonna be awesome. We got a great art opening, to kick the night off. Ronin Gallery is one of my favorite spots, and I'm ready to see this show. Much excite.

Then, the afterparty for the show is at week three of SOUND.WAVS!!! I am so proud of this night. Since I moved here, one of my goals was to get my own DJ night, plus I have the added bonus of sharing/ and working it with my friends. I just want say thanks to the whole SOUND.WAVS crew, TEAMS, Mega Dangle, Ashish, Goodie, Coma, Pablo, without you, there would be no sound, most of all I wanna say thanks to the homies, the new cats, who been coming and making each week much bigger then last. Last week was nuts, and it was only week two. Without all of us coming together, non of this would be possible. Big thanks to the Hyperion Tavern, for taking a chance on us! See ya'll tonight!!!

Los Angeles, CA 90027
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The LAB rats...

LA Brakeless Crew from ZLOG on Vimeo.

Great Edit. Zach, you need to visit us more. It was great having you here.


I don't need that MASH thingy...

I got a VAGX! Sounds dirty.

Vagx Urban Hip Bag

I have been needing a new hip bag for awhile. My super slick Martin hip Bag, bit the dust in a race ealier this year. I hit a parking sign squeezing through a tight spot, and it ripped in half, my cell phone got run over, lost a Ulock for a day. No, I'm not bitter about it. Anyways, Strkyer LA gave me a great deal on this: Vagx Urban Hip Bag. It's perfect, holds my stickers, notebook, pens, beer coozie and wallet right on my belt or inside my bag. Stoked. Thanks Kevin. These should be up for sale on the his site soon.

Ruben's All-City

We have been getting more of these sent to us as of late. Just photo's of people's bikes. While I love that, and want things like this sent to us, Please add more, tell where you are from, bike specs, what you used to shoot this with, links, things like that. You might not always make it on the blog, but at least it was a completed job.

Ruben Weaver, I like your bike, and it looks like fun, but tell me more!

Backflip on a Cross Bike.


Thanks Bill!