10 February, 2010

Chubby Boob presents: Don't tag on our shit, or you will get dealt with.

So, just to recap the race and afterparty from last Saturday...
Tracko (kyle) Won... Congrats!
Griffith park was flooded and a mess of mud and dirt and filth...
I had so much fun racing this, thanks ACE!
And this idiot in the photo tagged on the Chubby Boob Nerd Crew cop car...

Video, and photos here CBNC Represent!

-Sean Martin

SJF Alleycat/The First Date: Saturday February 13, 2010

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Registration at 12:00pm @ iMiNUSD
Race: 1:00pm / Trick Comp: 4:30pm

-Prizes for top placing guys & girls
-Bag and lock optional
-Everyone can finish this one
-This is not a team race, race by yourself/in a group/with your pet. JUST RACE
-If you're coming and on facebook, here's the fb event link