23 July, 2010

Seattle Happenings this weekend

Go race this. It's an awesome race, that I wish I could be there for. Big ups to Go means Go, for putting on such awesome events! I'm coming up soon and I hope something will be going on when I get there. Please.

Rebel 8

Who wants to go?

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: One Fixed

What can I say about the homie Vic from One Fixed? He is fucking awesome. He has supported so many of our races, has screen printed the winning shirts for one race, custom designed one for the LAfixed winter ride, and has supported races all over the country. I'm very happy to have him back again, as a sponsor of "The Lord ll". Show the homie some love and pick up a shirt or two or come out and try to win one! Thanks Vic, you rock!

PS. The Reflective hoodie is the most comfy thing I own, and is super nice to ride in. You should Swoop on that.

DTLA Summer Series: Race 4: Results

Another amazing turnout for DTLA finest!!! So many people watching these racers go head to head. So, good. Another big round of thanks to our homies from DTLA. Boo-boo, as always reining everybody in and making sure shit is on lock. Nice work. Thanks to Pork again for blocking traffic, I think you like it homeboy.. Congrats to Tony Z for winning the roadie race! All three of these races went right to the wire, sprints at the end, so good. Nice work everyone!