06 January, 2011


I can't wait for this.

It finally came

I don't even remember when I ordered it. It was that long ago.

However, it was worth the wait! It's a pretty good looking hat, Love it. Nice job John!

MonsterTrack XII Promo

MonsterTrack XII Promo from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

"Hey Yo, this bike had brakes and I gave him an Ultimatum."

"Brakes come off, or I kill you, and guess what happened, the brakes came off, bro."

Best Race Promo ever.

Monster Track 12 March 12th NYC

It's a new street racing year, and we here at TOLA! are starting the year off with a bang. Keep tuned here and get your legs ready.
Several race announcements in the next week.

Via Prolly

LSVM 2010 full

LSVM 2010 full from LSMaxx on Vimeo.

Spied this over at the Borachos. It's long one, but worth it. Nice find fellas.