06 August, 2010

The Sleepers

I love Ace. He's the best. I saw this and had to do it. Check out his blog, it rocks. Plus, you can visit him at O20... When he is awake.

My dood.

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Trafik

I am so happy to have Trafik back as a sponsor of the race. They came out last year to film the first "Lord" (look for that in the upcoming movie/ DVD) and this is were our relationship began. They approached myself and few of my close friends, (my best dudes and amazing riders) amongst others, around that time, to come out and ride for them and film, just what it is like to "Live and Ride in LA". (pardon the plug) They have sponsored several of our races, and they are really down with everything that goes on in LA's underground cycling world. I'm excited to have the movie come out and show the world how we do. Thanks for the continued support!!!

PS. They are suppling "hero Cams" for the racers this year. Tony Z already called one.

Jakob Santos

Jakob Santos Summer Edit from nikonjow on Vimeo.

Crushing it.

Moth Attack Kit!

Super Stoked on this kit! Thanks Megan. She's a custom frame builder, who just recently had her own kits made, and I was lucky enough to get in on the first round. I've been rocking it with pride this week. Thanks again!