07 October, 2010

Bikes Rock!

Seattle! Go to this. Plus the rest of the BFF this weekend!

Go means Go

The Fixx Calrton

The Fixx Carlton is a new powder coating shop that's moving into the OG O20 space, which was until a month ago, was the Pantry for the Bicycle Kitchen. A lot of history in that little building. A lot of History in Graff, Stencils and Stickers on the outside of that Building, which I heard was painted over. I really hope that wasn't the case. Not a good way to introduce yourself to the Hood. If it was new bar or coffee house or whatever, then I (we) would understand. A fellow bike business, however, kind of sucks. I don't know if this is true, I'm going there today, to see for myself. I'll update you guys....

In any case, Good luck, welcome to the Bike Block!

The opening is:

Sunday 10-10-10
1-6 pm
713 n heliotrope

Music by
Dj stereotype (who is playing Tonight at our opening!)

Image from Mikey Walley.

Eugene Hood

No Cassettes Vol II Eugene Hood from Chris Fonseca on Vimeo.


Opening Night! Get familar. Time to do some Hood rat shit.



What is going on here... Rad, that they're getting together and riding, but what is this shop promoting? How to ride Dangerously?
Kids today....

10-10-10 The There and Back Race

A race for CicLAvia! Be at O20 by 1130am, race at 12. Real easy, you just need a Camera phone.

$5 dollar buy in, Winner take all.

Let me just say this, it's not gonna be a fast one, this is for fun. There will be a lot of people out, and we don't want anyone getting hurt. I miss the old days of street races, when you just made a flyer passed it out (even crappy flyers) and people came to race. No bashing or endless questions, just folks that like to have fun on their bikes. Pass judgement afterwards.


Came to a nice care package from Headsweats. Meet these guys in Vegas, and talked about my favorite subject, Hats! I love hats, and am stoked to try these out. I rocked the Summit Beanie last night, and man it's one the most comfy things I have put on in a awhile, and it fits under your helmet. Perfect. I'll let know about the SpinCycle cap, as soon as I rock it. I can tell you this it looks great and I'm loving the reflective strip, and how it's off center, nice touch. Thanks Homies!

Seen on the Street

The things you have to do, to protect your bike in Los Angeles.

A nice homage to Hern's old wheel....