26 April, 2011

5th floor: Spinning

Fresh new T-shirt from the guys at 5th floor. Nice design.

What is Mountainbiking about?

If this don't make you want to try or go MTB, I don't know what will. Clean edit, well done.

Oscar & Felix in London

I can't wait to go overseas...

Bike City: How To Fix A Flat + Stupor Bowl

I like this. Not too many people out there can fix a flat. Great edit, someday I will race the Stupor Bowl.

Trafik: Exclusives: Ace Boogie

Trafik also shared with us, some great banners and stills from the film. I'll be dropping these ever once
and awhile to remind ya'll about the release on 6/21/11! Nice shot of Ace.

Trafik FB page

Keo Curry: Bronson Canyon

I love this spot. Good times here! This also stokes me out, cause it means that "To Live & Ride in LA"
is that much closer to dropping. Each week the homies over at Trafik will be dropping exclusive
content over at their site. So peep game and be sure to check up with them everyday!

It drops 6/21/11, on itunes, netflix, and DVD!