14 March, 2011

Low End Theory podcast Episode 19: Gaslamp Killer and Jon Hopkins

Get it here.

Flwrider: HK Hills

HK HILLS / Fei Ngor Shan from Flwrider TV on Vimeo.

Climb Hills on Track Bikes! My Favorite thing to do.


Sound.WAVS: The Re:up

If you didn't go Saturday, ya'll missed out. Great shit from the Sound.Wavs Family. Big props to all the artists that performed,
you guys killed it. What I really loved was seeing old friends, it was so good to see everyone together and just kickin it.
Good times, Ace really captured that in these photos. See you guys next Saturday!


*photo by Ace, check the whole set out here

MonsterTrack XI

MonsterTrack XII from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

This looks likes so much fun. Congrats Crhis on the win!

Phil Wood & Co: Tsunami Relief for Japan

It's time to give, people are in need. It's cool to see bike companies really stepping up for this effort. Phil wood, being one of those.

Phil Wood & Co. will be offering the 100 sets of Limited Edition track hubs meant exclusively for Asia for sale to everyone (all regions) starting March 14, 2011. Phil Wood & Co. is doing this in order to take proceeds from the sale of these hubs and donate to the Tsunami Relief for Japan. Additional information will be made available by March 14, 2011.

Thank You,

-Phil Wood & Co

If you have more questions, please send email to sales@philwood.com.

*update from Phil Wood
These hubs will retail for $650 for the set. Standard upcharge applies for anodized colors. (Black, red, blue, green, purple, pink, and orange.) There will also be an additional design (same large hub flange) with special, original artwork that we'll announce as soon as we can. The art is in-process.

*photo for reference not of the hubs up for sale.

Chubby Boob: Tumblr/ Shop

CB just dropped into the tumblr game.

Plus, the new line dropped, check out the new web store here

Rider Profile: Simon Lee

My dude, Simon Lee. The most laid back cat, you will ever meet. Quick to bust your ass with a gif, you are caught slipping on the interwebz, but just as quick to hit with you one to make you smile and laugh. It seems to me that Simon does everything for the Lulz. I really like that in Si, he just wants to laugh and have a good time. We need more folks like this in our lives, and I'm stoked to have this guy in mine.