20 April, 2011

Suicycle Bike Co. : So many stickers!

As a parting gift, our German friends left me with a stash of stickers.
I will be plastering and giving these out all over the place.
I hop to return the favor, when I come over to Hamburg!

Fuck your Frame! Ride Suicycle.

I love the new labels!

Nice work fellas! I heard you can win this one this week at the Macaframa Broken Bones Benefit. The new labels look great.

Chrome: Merino wool Socks

Socks! Chrome has Merino wool socks in three different lengths!


Outlier: A Necessary escape for spring 2011

Outlier comes through with all your spring Needs!

Check out the whole line here.


Check the rest out here!


I want to play.

JakarTARCK: Official Trailer

jakarTARCK Official Trailer from jakarTARCK on Vimeo.

More Track bike films! Yay!

Bicycle Kitchen Pamphlet

My Sister, Kelly asked me to checkout the New Pamphlet, that she made/ designed for the Bicycle Kitchen.
I have to say, great job Kelly! Clear and concise, you really understand what the Kitchen all about and what goes on there.
Go support!