12 November, 2009

BIKE PORN Photo of the day!

Hrrundel's ROSSIN! More HERE


Please take a few min to take this..
------->>>> http://tr.im/EQsm <<<<--------

30 seconds to mars video..

For those who made it out that night, Here is the video.. If this doesn't play.. Click this http://bit.ly/3824fG

Lil homie from LAB gettin some love over at zlogblog

see the post here zlogblog

Damn, where I get some of these?

Wow, I always wanted to poster of this..........

Hype Means Nothing “Warhol vs. Basquiat” T-Shirts

Known for its unique brand of celebrity portrait t-shirts, fashion label Hype Means Nothing looks to soon premier new additions to its extensive roster, including an Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat version. A release is expected on Monday November 16th via colette Paris.

Tokyo Fixed gear STOREFRONT

Tokyo Fixed announce the opening of their first stand alone store in London’s Soho.

...Tokyo Fixed have long been stalwarts of the UK track bike community, providing a unique service importing a range of rare and desirable bike frames and components from Japan, along with exclusive streetwear and cycling clothing....

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Alright This Kid has his Spins Super Dialed.. O_O and fakie to No Hand barspin Keo Was real clean.. Cali Represent!
From zlogblog