18 April, 2011

Interview time...

Juan got interviewed for Boris's upcoming Documentary. We are all coming to Germany for the premiere...

Bike pile

I was checking out MASHSF and to my surprise came across a photo Mike took of our bike pile outside of the MOCA.

Ghost 14

Ghost 14 from garrison Bumstead on Vimeo.

Bumstead Crew reppin...

The Germans (a couple of them)

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with the raddest group over the last week or so.
This is just a teaser post from Friday. While it was fun and games, they did have some work to do.
Friday, Henry and Peter had to shoot for a commerical for a German Soda brand and I tagged along.
Wheelies with drops are the shit...

I'm sorting though photos right now, from the last few days. I'll bust out a few good post soon.
Until then, Good bye my new friends. Have a safe trip home.

LAVRA CUP 04/16/201

LAVRA CUP 04/16/2011 from Beaver Beavs on Vimeo.

While we were racing in the streets, Beaver was filming the Lavra Cup!
Great edit Beaver, better music choice!

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: COG

COG Magazine comes through with two awesome prizes...

Lord lll

Stanridge Speed Bicycles: The HighStreet: Updates

Took it by O20 for the fellows to check out, and Hern snapped this photo for me,

This how I set it up for the race... Pursuits were amazing for it.
Tracko is gonna take it to the track on Wednesday, and ride it for a few days.
Then I'm hauling it up to SF for the homies up to take it for a spin.

Steven Jensen: Parking lot edit

Parking lot edit from steven jensen on Vimeo.


Art in the Streets: Recap

Saturday night we went to the MOCA for the Art in the Streets show. Damn it was good.
Here a little peek into it, I'll be posting more later.

Takeover ll: Results

Juan threw a race for our German visitors over the weekend. What a great day, and awesome race.
The first stage was an all out sprint form LAB to O20, which Hern took. Congrats!
Everybody rested for a bit, then took off on a six checkpoint alleycat. Brutal climbing and a hot day, but man was it fun.
I raced on the Highstreet. It's a little too big for me and I'm kind of hurting, but it was still a good day.