23 September, 2011

Cadence x DVS: RICO CT CADENCE: First Impressions

Dustin was kind enough to lace a few of us in LA at Interbike with the black jams.
The Port ones were waiting for me at home this week. Lovely surprise.
Pretty snazzy shoes, I must say. The Port Jams are a real head turner.
These shoes look great with everything, and I can't wait to wear them in. Super comfy
to boot. I'll shoot photo's of the progress and what happens as they wear. Secret stuff
from what I hear...

Thanks Dustin!

Direction VIDEO

Direction VIDEO from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.

Great way to end the work week...

Monday, it drops. Get ready.

On Monday, we will be launching the New New,TOLA! 2.0. We have a lot to do
before then, cleaning up posts, getting the site ready, etc, etc... so sorry for lack of posts today.
So there will be one final post on Monday on this Blogspot, directing you to the new site.
Thanks for all of your support, through the last few years and Joe and I look forward to dropping
the new site and all the bells and whistles that are coming with it.