14 June, 2010

LADOT Bikeways (standards) LA's misplaced Sharrows!

Hey At least LA is Trying.

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- Joseph Lobato

Epic Benefit Concert: Results!

Wow. What a party. First off, Congrats to the Kitchen for throwing such amazing event. Good times with old and new friends.
Still waiting on how much the Kitchen made that night, but to set off Jesse Kretschmer, won the BareKnuckle with a winning bid of $785!!! Congrats dude! I made out pretty well myself, got the Limited edition Chubby Boob, Lakers Tee, a pair of Swrve Knickers, 10 lbs of coffee, and a couple of other t-shirts, FTW! Very be careful played an amazing set, to close the night. Got everybody up dancing, and sweating out the problems of the day, they are amazing. If you're ever in LA, please take the time to go see these guys. A couple of other local bands played, but I was outside having beers and conversations, so I really can't comment of those groups. (sorry dudes) The funniest part of the night, was that, there was a Beautiful/ Decay "colt 45" party next door at an art gallery. In the back, behind the two spaces was the smoking section, that was divided by a thin strip of plastic. So, you had cyclists going over and collecting as much Colt 45 as they could and art types coming across to see what the fuss was all about. It made for a really good mix of folks for both parties. Epic.

Thanks again to the Bicycle Kitchen for throwing this party and here's to Five more years on Helitrope!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Some of your "friendly" neighborhood Cooks!

-Sean Martin

DVS x Cadence present: Fast Forward

Looks like it's at Encino. Does that mean we're racing on the Velo? I hope not, not my strongest area of racing on bikes...

-Sean Martin


Brandon, what an awesome commercial! Nice work, dork. Can I have your autograph next time I see you?

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-Sean Martin

Sputnic Bmx

NIce edit from guys at Sputnic!!!


-Sean Martin

Nike Trackbike Football


Huh? But, it looks fun as shit... New game? Or old one? Somebody let me know....

*Update: Look at all the gear here. Rad, the shoes look good and so do the clothes.

-Sean Martin