28 May, 2010


This just really got me excited for CMWC this year! I can't wait to ride this, I can't believe this is being built... Fucking cool.
Who's coming with me?

Thanks Tracko!

-Sean Martin

DVS x Cadence present: Fast Forward

Here it is. Get your fucking legs ready. June 26th, Main Race and events. You win this Race, you go to SFC for Fast Friday, and race against the fastest in world... Come on LA, it's our time to shine.

-Sean Martin

Beaver's floppy dance

Beaver's floppy dance from Joey on Vimeo.


Silly Beaver.

-Sean Martin

Anytime Jam 3 May 30th

Go to this!

It'll be fun to watch and compete...

I'll be there, hungover, cause it's my birthday, the day before, which is tomorrow!

-Sean Martin

Burro Bags

Rad. This is what I'm talking about. A messenger bag with a clear pocket in the front. Been looking for someone to do this a long time ago. Unfortunely, for me, it's a prize for shark week in Philly... Damn. Maybe next time? There's a rad story behind this line.

Burro Bags

-Sean Martin

27 May, 2010

Running on empty

Running on Empty from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

This is how I see LA everyday from the seat of my Fixie Whip. No Cars, just me and my Bicycle. I wish it was really like this....


-Sean Martin

I like this one better...

Then that other one on Tracko is selling....

Thanks Jusi!


I love this Hat. Everybody gets judged, at some point in your lifes. Make it the best you can and put your heart into it. Bewm.

Get here

-Sean Martin

Thirsty Thursday....

So, I just went clipless on my Affinty Lo-pro this morning, Goddamn, what a life changing experience. I can't believe I have been riding road and track for this long and have never clipped in before. One 12 mile commute and I'm hooked. So in honor of that, you get Bon Jovi.... 'Cause on a Steel Horse I ride....

-Sean Martin

26 May, 2010

25 May, 2010

Chrome: Bucking barrel Tournament Results

Look at that trophey, gives me some ideas. Looks like it was a fun event. We some shit like this in LA, who wants to help me?

Check out more photos and who won on the Chrome Blog. Good job guys!

-Sean Martin

Two years of Chubby boob!


Who's gonna pick me up from My Bday BBQ and drive me to this?

-Sean Martin

Seattle Bike Polo

It's a Seattle kind of day. This really captures Seattle polo at it's best. Amazing. Nice edit. Great to see friends... Miss you guys.

Shout out to Freiburger, for the Black Metal summoning shot! (All you Seattle kids, go to his birthday party/show this friday,
and wish him a happy one from me!)

Then on Saturday, come wish me a happy birthday at the BBQ Birthday Jam.

Via Go means Go

-Sean Martin

Keo Rock!

Big ups Seattle! I'll be coming up soon enough...

Via my homeboy Zlog

-Sean Martin

Well maybe not as big as this one...

Maybe it's me?

The MASH blog has a recap of Saturday's race and event.

-Sean Martin

The biggest Hipster I know....

Photo by Ace.

Seen at my Favorite blog

-Sean Martin

24 May, 2010

15th European Cycle Messenger Championships

So the ECMC went down this past weekend in Budapest. I was sent some links to some European blogs and a indafoto group, unfortunately I can't understand the language, but a picture is worth a thousand words. So enjoy.
These photo's are getting me stoked for NACCC and the CMWC later this year!

Here's the blog.

Here's the indafoto.

-Sean Martin

Backflip on a fixed gear. Huh?

Here's the proof, I know I'm a little late on this one, saw it this weekend, but didn't have time to post it.
This rumor has been circling around for months, and here's the proof. Kozo did it. Wow.

Taken from Zlog, and seen everywhere else.

-Sean Martin

Time to switch it up...

Wow. What a big weekend. Goddamn, that was a lot of fun and a little disappointment. I'm gonna start this by saying "I need a camera" (mom, dad?) Badly. Words are one thing, but when you add photo's it just creates a whole other dimension. This post would so epic right now if only I had camera. I can't rely on other people to take photo's for my blog anymore. That's why this week I'm getting a camera (fingers crossed), and you'll be noticing big changes to this blog. (at least from the LA side, still waiting on that shoe review Joe!) Fresh Shit will be popping off, daily if not hourly... So like the Kids would say "pics or GTFO" Here's what happened, while it's still fresh in my melon.

Friday night, my homie Peeks had a opening at his gallery, it was the shit... A lot of Lulz went down and some really good art was up. Go check it out it, for realz....

Then came Saturday, fun, fun, fun. Rode around, met up with a bunch of homies. Then posted up on different spots of the course of the Time trial for the ATOC. The best spot was on the climb from Temple to Grand, where we proceeded to run next to racers cheering them on like some raving lunatics (shout to Quick, Jances and Yanco). Then after a bit, we were asked to leave the course by an LAPD officer, (who probably has never seen a pro tour before and really didn't know that's a good thing to do) Just to see the smiles on their faces as you're telling them to get out saddle and sprint, really made my day!

Then after that madness, Lil Hern threw a race for MASH to their gallery opening that night. This where the disappointment comes in. (I didn't race so I don't have much to say, but my game is coming back and after this weekend, it's go time) 38 racers showed up, two all the way from the SFC. After 5 laps around echo park the racers had to climb up to Griffith Park Observatory to get their manifest before the race starts. Great course Hern! Only 11 racers made it up to go get their manifest. WHAT THE FUCK LA? To all you young racers, don't blow your wad in the first 5 miles. Pace yourself, be prepared, the races this year are only gonna get harder. The winner was Walton from SFC, good job dude, congrats. My boy Ace held it down for the east and got 5th place, the other top finishers were from other parts of Socal. LA, it's time to step up, and I'm calling everyone out. Myself included. The rest of evening was pretty fun, great screening of MASH's film from last years ATOC, where they did it on track bikes. Amazing photos, and great swag was for sale. Picked up a pair of knee-warms, life changing. I love em. Checkout the show if you get a chance. Also here is link to the flickr from the night. (incase)

Then on Sunday, was the Bicycle Kitchen's benefit race and bbq. Only Seven people raced... WHAT THE FUCK LA? The Bike kitchen has been a huge part of our community for years, and they need our help, through donations, or just showing up and supporting their events. Of course, a lot of people came later for the bbq, beer and music (which was great to see a lot old and new faces). Give props to Gabe for winning the race, as for the other six of you, C'mon, ya'll are veterans of alleycat's across the country and world, how you gonna miss a checkpoint? Hahahaha. This was a very epic weekend, and this has been the trend in LA for the last two months, I hope it continues next weekend. Oh, it's my birthday, so it will...

-Sean Martin

21 May, 2010

etnies presents: Grounded - part 1

etnies presents: Grounded - part 1 from etnies europe on Vimeo.

This is the first part of a 5 part series by etnies.....


-Sean Martin

The Ronin Gallery: Movers and shakers

Tonight! Come for LULZ, stay for the art.

-Sean Martin

20 May, 2010

TRAFIK! Get some!!!!

To Live & Ride In L.A. [Teaser B] from TRAFIK on Vimeo.

Fuck yes! One step closer....

Go here for more deets....

-Sean Martin

California DMV - Sharing the Road with Motorcycles & Bicycles Captioned

Cool? I really don't know what to say about this. Does anyone know that this exists? I mean, I found it on bike rumor. Is this being posted on car blogs or just bike blogs? It's been viewed less then 2000 times, so I'm assuming this hasn't really been promoted. I guess it's up to us. Time strike the match.

Repost please!

-Sean Martin

Chrome Tobruck Slip-on

New Shoes are out! The Tobruck slip on! I finally got my "Turds for Gold" and if the Tobruck is anything like the Midway for riding, everyone is gonna be very impressed. I'll be writing a review of the Midway's soon enough, got more then a couple races coming up, which will put then to the test, so look out for that. Before that, sometime this week Joe will review the Kursk, for you guys. Back to the Tobruck, here's the deets from the press release from Chrome.

After countless requests to build a classic slip-on shoe that will hold up on the bike, Chrome is proud to announce the newest addition to their footwear line, the Tobruk.

The Tobruk is filled with details that make riding in them easier and the shoe, itself, tougher. Those features include:

· Low profile design to better fit into a toe cage
· 100% vulcanized construction
· Weatherproof 1,000 denier Cordura with back-padding
· Re-enforced nylon/glass fiber shank to support the midsole
· Board lasted sole to eliminate pedal hot spot
· Skid resistant contact rubber on the sole
· Polyurethane contoured crash pad insole
· Durable rubber heel cup with reflective safety hit
· Center gore slip-on design

Looks good.

Get em here.

-Sean Martin

Hipsters who Heart Hip-Hop Present.....

This is tonight!!! Be there or Anthony will punch you in the face.

Where? Synchronicity Space 4306 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029

When? 8:30-11:30

What is it?


-Sean Martin

Floyd Landis Admits Doping, Alleges Use by Armstrong

Floyd Landis, the American cyclist whose 2006 Tour de France victory was nullified after a positive doping test, has sent a series of emails to cycling officials and sponsors admitting to, and detailing, his systematic use of performance enhancing drugs during his career. The emails also claim that other riders and cycling officials allegedly participated in doping, including seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.


Read the Whole Story HERE at the Wall Street Journal

With the Tour of California and Giro d'Italia upon us, I figured a lil news doesn't hurt.

19 May, 2010

Track Etiquette. Newbie riders plz read!

Our buddies at the Encino Velodrome Put us on to this!
@johnprolly this is for you! <3

From Wayne Whitesides

- Board Member, Official, Race Promoter and Rider

Hi everyone…. It’s another great year at the DLV, the twelfth for me. There are a couple of things I want to go over on Track Etiquette and Newbie riders, since week after week riders come up to me to express their concern for such and such. So here goes my attempt at a recap of past issues. This is light hearted and meant to be, so don’t take any offense as it’s not directed at anyone individual. It’s just food for thought and is mainly all common sense, but sometimes we all need a friendly reminder.

1. I’m the Best: We all want to be considered the best, I know I do. It took a lot for me to move down a category, but I’m man enough to do it and now much happier. Please look at your ability and race in your category. We worked long and hard to re-categorize and are doing it for the overall good of the track. Give that category a chance. I know there will be riders you feel don’t meet your high handling standards, but did you think maybe someone’s not too keen on yours? Trust me, the Expert group has plenty of riders who do silly things as well as the Elites. You’ll see, you’ll have more fun once you move to where you truly should be, whether it be the Elite, Expert, Competitive or Beginners category. And if someone does a boner move, then see rule #2 on how to handle it.

2. The Boner Race Move: We’ve all done less than stellar race moves— So when it happens please get irritated and do whatever you do, but then pull it together and calmly let that rider know what they did wrong. How else will they learn. You are the more experienced rider, teach them, just like someone taught you. Everyone will benefit…including my complaint induced ulcer.

3. The Duncan: The YoYo happens when YoYo’s are not really paying attention in a pace line, which causes a lot of the problems from Etiquette Rule 1 and 2. (Most riders judge you based on how well you can ride in a pace line and have already made up their mind on your ability before the race even begins.) First, when you start to pull off after your pull, remember to continue to pedal hard until you are up and out of the way. A lot of riders, even the experienced slow just before they pull off. This causes the rider behind you ride up your backside and the rider behind them up their backside and so on. Second, pay attention to the speed of the person in front of you and go that speed yourself. Either get a computer or count pedal strokes to get a rhythm. Oh… And don’t look at wheels. Look at butts, this keeps you at a more constant space.

4. Psychic Powers: Be aware of your surroundings. There are a lot of other riders racing, you need to know who’s around you at all times and anticipate Rule #2 before it happens. Watch overlapping wheels and hold your line in sprints.

5: What Red Line?: The sprinters lane is just that, the sprinters lane. Once the sprint has started and you’re in it, stay in it. Of course if you’re behind someone you can come out of the lane, but if you’re in the lead you’re stuck there until passed. Everyone else hold your line and remember rule #4.

6. Buns of Steel: I mean nerves of steel. Stay relaxed. The more relaxed everyone is the safer the racing. Pay attention to how tense you are, how stiff are your arms? Do your shoulders hurt after racing? You can race better if you are not so nervous and trust the riders around you. We are a small knit family and the more we race together the more you’ll be able to anticipate rider “X” breaking rule # 2 before it happens because rider “X” always does it… But then if you truly followed rule #2 he/she probably wouldn’t do it again…right.

7. Do Unto Others: Lastly be nice to everyone and hold your tongue. It’s a family affair so let’s keep the !@#@!@# to a minimum and the bikes out of the stream =)

[added May 16th]

8. Don’t swing up from second wheel: One thing that we teach all of our beginners is to look over your shoulder before you swing off the front of the group. While our first riders in each group have been doing that, if the second rider blindly follows the first rider up the banking, have they then not made sure that it’s clear from them to move up the track? At the very least the second rider should pass the first rider underneath and then move up the track once they’ve done their shoulder check to make sure all is clear. This will help our groups have a smoother flow, especially for riders that may be catching onto the back of a group that had a small gap.

Source : Two Tone ATL

Ride of Silence

That is today. The day we Ride in Silence in remembrance of those of us who have been stuck down while riding a bicycle. All over USA, there will be Rides of Silence, look for those in your city. For us in LA, this year it's in Santa Monica and here's the details from the Ride Leaders:

What: Santa Monica Ride of Silence
Where: Predator Cycling, 2834 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, Ca 90404
When: May 19th, Ride @ 7pm
If you plan on going, please join the Event on Facebook.
We trying to use that to get an estimate of how many people will be coming. Thanks!

We'll be meeting/starting at Predator Cycling (www.predatorcycling.com) in Santa Monica. The shop is located in a small industrial business complex on the corner of Stewart and Colorado. The ride will begin at 7:00 p.m. sharp, so get there early, and enjoy some great company and a wonderful cycling atmosphere. We will not exceed a pace of 12MPH...this is to ensure that the ENTIRE group stays together, and we all have an enjoyable riding experience.

The ride will take us west along Colorado Ave., then south on Main St. all the way to the Windward Circle in Venice...we'll then retrace the route back, and meet back at Predator Cycling to enjoy a *Giro di Italia and *Tour of California viewing party.

Here's a map of the course

The route is approximately 10 miles total, and there are no hills to worry about! The entire route is also double-lanes the entire way, so we shouldn't have any problems with flow-of-traffic. However, all cyclists must stay in the far right lane, and leave the left lane open for motor vehicles.

On this ride not only we be remembering all those who lost their lives/we injured by motorists, but we'll also be honoring Jorge Alvadrado, who was tragically hit and killed on the morning of April 9th, 2010 by an 18 year old motorist who racing his friends.

Ride of Silence

-Sean Martin

Beck's Record Club!! New Video!!

Record Club: INXS "Wild Life" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Beck and his Record Club gang — St. Vincent, Liars and Os Mutantes — return with the latest installment in their full-album cover of INXS’ 1987 hit Kick: “Wild Life.” This time around, with Beck and Liars’ Angus Andrew handle vocals, and the group offers a minimalist, somewhat angular deconstruction of the song.

you can find more info out about the record club HERE. Check the Vimeo page for the rest of their covers( which include VELVET UNDERGROUND, LEONARD COHEN ETC..)


Undefeated World Cup Flag Tees

In about 22 days, this blog will for a short time, become a Football Blog, (JK Joe) but seriously, World Cup 2010 is almost upon us.
I am fucking stoked, early mornings, late nights, watching the world's best go at it for 90 mins on the pitch. It's really the best time in Football fans life. What sucks for me is none of my countries are in it this year. (Sweden, Ireland, what happened?) So, I gotta root for the good ole USA, and I think a spoiler team or two.... Lets go Korea!

In honor of World Cup, Undefeated has put out their classic "5-Strikes tee" in the Flag colors of the Top Doggs in World Cup play this year. Germany, France, Portugal, England, South Africa, Brazil and Spain. Awesome. You can get them at any Undefeated store, or online May 22nd!

More on World Cup


-Sean Martin

18 May, 2010

Help Our Friend MOK raise $$ For LifeCycle!

Our friend MOK needs to raise at least $5,000.00 to be able to participate in this epic cycling event. Let's all get together and help our favorite handsome and stunningly muscular MokMok get to his monetary goal!

ANY amount you can donate will help, but also remember that he has a huge target to raise. Spread the word and let everyone know to give what they can, and get Mok to his goal so he can concentrate on his training for the ride!

Click on the link above, and click on the button that reads "Donate to support Chong" on the right side under his picture.

Thanks to everyone in advance!

-John Maniquis

Reach For the Bars!

This was a Piece from "A Beautiful Machine" Art Auction that took place about a Month ago in England.
Something about this struck me, so I posted it. The rest of the Art can be seen HERE

Joe In SFC, I'm In LA!

It's funny, all day I've talking to homies about The NACCC and The CMWC and our travel plans to both this year, and I totally forgot to post this! Messenger Appreciation! Chrome is throwing a bucking barrel tourney at the shop in SF, on Thursday. Joe. Go to this, make us proud! From the site: The event is open to anyone and everyone, however, only working messengers qualify to compete in the tournament (hence, messenger appreciation).


-Sean Martin


@RealTalibKweli and Dj HI Tek and Performing today 5:30pm @FatBeatsLA on Melrose!!!!!!!!!

Get there early!


@alphapup FREE KUTMAH SHOW!! This line up is serious biz.

Verdugo Bar
3408 Verdugo Road
Los Angeles, CA 90065-2835
(323) 257-3408

R.I.P. DIO....

You will be missed...

Via Milano fixed

-Sean Martin

The Shadow Conspiracy Welcomes Drew Bezanson

The Shadow Conspiracy Welcomes Drew Bezanson to the Family from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

God damn, this team is getting diesel.....

17 May, 2010

The Arch and Wiener Hustle/ Tubesteaks under the stars

Alright this is short notice but the Bike Kitchen is having a multi-pronged fundraising event this coming Sunday May 23rd.
There's an two person team "not-an-alleycat" race which starts at noon, (sign up begins at 11) While I don't know the course, I do have knowledge of what's gonna be going down at this race, and it's fucking awesome. You do not want to miss this. It's gonna be a fun race, and definitely what we need right now, just to make to everyone remember, it's bicycle street racing, it's meant to be fun! Then after the race, there's the "Magical Musical Tubesteak bike ride" The rest of the day is going to be filled with food, beers, snacks, bicycle bingo, then the ender ender of day will be a screening of the movie "RAD!" Fuck yes. I said "RAD!" All proceeds will be going to the Bike Kitchen's 5th year anniversary of being on Helitrope,. So if you love the bike block as much as I do, come and support this Sunday, It's gonna be epic.

Here the deets on the race:
A "not-an-alleycat" race for teams of two that starts at the Bicycle Kitchen at 12 noon. After the race stick around for Tubesteaks Under the Stars!
The Arch and Wiener Hustle is a checkpoint race through the alleys of East Hollywood and the hills of Silverlake. Isn't that romantic? Oooh yeah, just like you with your significant other: teams of two will split up, take on their own challenges, meet up at check points, and get all sorts of messy. And, believe me, baby. There will be a top AND a bottom. Did we mention this involves hot dogs? Get some.
Check-in begins at 11. Race starts at Noon. Real Noon, not Hipster Noon. Prizes for the first three wieners. That's not a pun.

Be there. We really need to support Organizations like The Bicycle Kitchen, during these hard economic times. We suffering, just imagine what it is like for a non-profit agency like Kitchen right now. They depend on donations to keep a float, I for one don't want any of these amazing grass root agencys to leave my community. Come, buy a hot dog or just hang out and let them know you support them.

-Sean Martin

How did I miss this?

Who wants to go? Nice work to Samuel Starr and his 132 foot Velodrome Senior Thesis Project inside the Pomona College Library!
I hope you passed playboy.

Get the full scoop and deets here.

Thanks for the heads up Joe, good to see you still care about what happens down here. Hahahaha. Lulz.

-Sean Martin

Amgen Tour of California

It started yesterday in Sacramento, while most of country and world will be watching this on T.V. or online, we here in California can go see this action in person. Dope. I for one am very excited for Saturday's Time trial in DTLA. Some friends of mine can and will be taking opportunity's to go ride and meet the Tour in some of the mountain stages this week. I can't. Sad, and fuck those guys. Hahaha. Work must go on, but come Saturday, I will be amongst the thousands flocking to DTLA to cheer on the riders as they complete two 10.5 mile laps in our fair city. It's gonna be good. Here's a video of the course for the TT. Then after this get done, don't forget to come to this.

Find out all deets of the TOC, here.

-Sean Martin

Bike to work week LA

Yep, it's this week! While I'm being a little snotty about it, (you should ride everyday) it is a good thing that Cities support this and encourage commuting by bike at least once a year. Kind of fitting that the start of LA's bike week is getting rained on. The rest of the year it'll be blazing hot, but the one week we get our moment in the sun, it's rains on our parade. Hahaha. There are alot of events this week, but the two that really stand out are: Tomorrow morning, The Blessing of the Bikes. Come out before you get your day started, and get blessed. Ride safely through the year, with whatever Religion, you prescribe to on your wheel. Then on Thursday, (bike to work day) is the day we get counted. Which means the more of us that ride on this day and get counted, be it at a pit stop or pledging online, its important for improving bicycle infrastructure and improving safety. So get the fuck on your whips and ride.

-Sean Martin

Scrapertown, Scraper bike Doc

Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.

we all remember the video "scraperbike". Here is a really cool 7 min doc on those kids. I love that they are using bikes as a positive influence in their neighborhood.

LA in SF, SF in LA

Hern raced in San Fran this past weekend, I heard he got top ten, but lost his phone and then found it during the race, maybe this why Hern didn't place well? Joe can you confirm this? You can see more photos on the MASH blog. Looks like it was a really good race, challenging course and people/ traffik everywhere. Hern, next one up there, I'm coming with ya, need to keep spreading more LA love in the SFC. Which brings me to this...

Hern is throwing a race for MASH, down here this Saturday. It'll be short and sweet, cause we gotta get to: Revisit MASH Tour of California, Project space: 603 North La Brea Avenue Los Angeles CA 90036

Get all Deets here...

But it'll have:
Video presentation, photography installations, award ceremony and much more.

-Sean Martin

13 May, 2010

Thirsty Thursday....

This is just teaser this week... If you really want to see more amazing music, please come to The 5th Ever Old Time Social!

Or you can buy their new Album "Tar River" Here!

-Sean Martin

Kick Off Party for The 5th Ever Los Angeles Old Time Social

It starts tonight! Heard a couple of the bands rehearshing throughout the week... Damn is there gonna be some foot stomping jams going on all weekend! It all begins tonight at the Hyperion Tavern (1491 Hyperion Ave. LA, CA 90027) 9pm Free!

Here's a link to the rest of the weekends events!!!

-Sean Martin


Get your legs ready!

-Sean Martin

12 May, 2010

Blessing of the Bicycles 2010 Los Angeles

Friendly Reminder:
Good Samaritan Hospital's 7th Annual Blessing of the Bicycles on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 from 8 a.m. until 9:30 a.m.
Get breakfast and get blessed for safe riding for a year!
Be there as we honor the recipient(s) of the Golden Spoke Award!
For more info go to

Good Samaritan Hospital
616 Witmer Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

-Sean Martin

8th Gen: Walking in two worlds

A good friend of mine turned me on to these last night. Thanks Matt Lord! All of us as cyclist's are alway looking out for ways to customize our bikes, clothes, hats, helmets, and bags. So we can stand out or have a topic of conversation when we run into each other. These shoes are no different. One off designs from 8th Gen. The solo designer of these shoes is Louie Gong. I really love the work on these. It speaks to the Alaskan in me, and reminds me of a lot of Artist friends from AK and the NW. Plus they're put on Vans, (which are a staple in a Cyclist's life) Now some of might say the price point is a bit high, but you get a one off design, never to be used again on another shoe, and really most high-end sneakers coming out these days start at around $150 on up. I don't think I would ride in these, but bring these custom heaters out after a race or to an event.

Deets on ordering here...

-Sean Martin

11 May, 2010


Kutmah was born in the UK to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. He moved to the US with
his mother when he was 12 years old. They immediately applied for residency to keep them from being sent to
Egypt. As a British citizen the court ruled that he would be able to live in the UK which in their eyes
wasn't such a bad place. They denied their application.

Kutmah and his Mom returned to court to plead their case 14 years ago when Kutmah was 20. They were again
denied a green card and were urged to sign a document stating they would voluntary leave the US.

On Wednesday morning, May 5th armed agents entered Kutmah's house and detained him. He was brought to a
facility in downtown LA where he was interrogated. On Thursday he was moved to New Mexico. We need to show
how important Kutmah is to the LA and US community. Please write a letter and spread the word!


Bay to the Breakers

This weekend. SF Race. I heard some Wolves are gonna go hunt and represent for LA.

Make us proud boys, bring home the win.

Wish I could go say hi to all my homies in the SFC....

Hi, Joe!!!


-Sean Martin


Just when I need a new Helmet, I come across this on Bike rumor....

Deets from the Rumor:
Based on their lightweight Helium helmets, they add different graphics and will come with a racing cap and transparent aero shell cover, all packaged inside a deluxe box. The helmets feature Lazer’s Rollsys retention system (small knob on top rear of helmet tightens the straps), 19 vents, in-mold construction and will come in XXXS-S (51-56cm), M-L (57-60cm) and XL-XXL (61-64cm). Pricing TBD, ships June 15, 2010.

June 15th though.... Shitty. I need a new helmet yesterday.

Thanks Bike rumor!!!

-Sean Martin

In case you didn't know....

It's National bike month.

Next week is bike to work week.


Every Month is Bike month.

-Sean Martin

10 May, 2010

The 5th Ever Los Angeles Old Time Social

I better see some of you at one of these events this week/ weekend. Thursday for the kick-off show. It's gonna be awesome and it's the 5th one, Ever. The Next day has Friday's Concert! Good times, great music, rad folks and good beer. Plus on Saturday, you can take workshops dealing with all things Old Time. Calling classes, Fiddle workshops, learn how to clog, (I'm taking that one) Claw hammer Banjo, and old time guitar classes(don't forget about the cakewalk). Then at the end of the three days, a huge Squaredance to finish it off proper like. (don't forget about the cakewalk)

Get more info at oldtimeisagoodtime.com

-Sean Martin

07 May, 2010

One of us.

What can I say... I'm really proud of my homie, Lil' Hern. He has won more races in LA in the last few years then anyone. (Fuckin lil' shit) I've had him pass me up more then once... Now, it's really paying off for him. Got the hookup from the big dogg in the Track bike street game, MASHSF (amongst other sponsors). We all need to step our game up and shut this fucker down. (I kid, I kid) Good job Hern, continue to win and go faster! I see big things for this little dude. Congrats, my friend. You really deserve it!

Photos via MASH

Photo credit, I believe goes to Beaver.

You'll be able to some dope footy of Hern and our crew of talented LA riders (me to name one) in the upcoming LA film "To Live and Ride in LA"

Hooray for LA Riders!!!

-Sean Martin

This weekend in LBC

Wow, this looks like an awesome weekend of events in the LBC. I'll be riding to Long Beach this weekend for a my Girlfriend's Family's Mothers day BBQ, so I'm swing through and check this out. I know the main draw for most you will be the "Fixed Gear Fest" but remember to go see the rest of the bike events, to show that we're all apart of a larger community and we just love bikes! This is making me very excited for the "Tour of Cali" which has a time trial in DTLA (May 22nd). That same weekend, Lil Hern (congrats getting picked up by MASH homie!) is throwing a street race (a MASH race) for all of us dirtbags. Keep your eyes out for that one.

-Sean Martin