27 July, 2010

D.A.M.P. Contest

D.A.M.P. is looking for a new FGFS team rider and the homie Zlog is helping, he put together this flyer and here is a
link to more deets on the contest. Plus the Frames are built in Sweden, so there is no way I couldn't support this... I really want an Earbread frame. Fucking sick looking. Hey guys at D.A.M.P., I'll be out in Sweden next summer, lets ride.


Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: SWRVE

I love SWRVE. I have a pair of their knickers and they probably are the best riding pants I own. Almost everyone who is an everyday rider in LA, owns at least one pair of SWRVE shorts or jeans or knickers. They are really that good. I'm so happy to have them back again as sponsors of the "The Lord of Griffith Two". The best thing about SWRVE (besides good product) is that it's made in DTLA, so you can order online or head DTLA to the cutting room floor to pick up your goods. Thanks guys, you rock!

Look what a Little bird sent me...

So two weeks ago LAB hosted the Summer Fix, and what a fun weekend! Thanks a lot guys! A certain World Famous Tarck biking Blogger/ Internet Celebrity from New York came down to ride and judge the trick comp. Well, he left his bike in LA and had the LAB ship it back to him... Lets just say, they made sure it was well packaged for the trip home... Enjoy.

Velocity Halo reflective rims

Pretty cool, Velocity has teamed up with Halo Coatings to create a powder coat that reflects bright white when struck with direct light, but are graphite in color in the day light. Fucking sick. I'm gonna try to get these for "Lord of Griffith Two " as Prizes.

Available in these hoops
Dyad : 700c : 32H 36H : MSW/NON-MSW
Fusion : 700c : 32H : MSW/NON-MSW
Deep V : 700c : 32H 36H : MSW/NON-MSW
B43 : 700c : 32H : MSW/NON-MSW
Cliffhanger : 26″ [559] : 36H : MSW/NON-MSW
Aeroheat : 20″ [406] 26″ [559] : 32H : MSW/NON-MSW

Via Bike Rumor

Product Review: The Shed: First Impressions

I came home to a nice surprise yesterday evening. The guys over at Mission Workshop sent me "The Shed" to write a review on. (thanks Homies) While that review will be be up in few weeks, I thought I would give my first impressions of the bag.