28 February, 2011

Night Riders

Great Piece, but wasn't most of footage and interviews from TRFKAS, an LAfixed ride?

Moth Attack at NAHBS

So sick. Great job Megan! Love to see local shit at the show!

Check out her site here.

Link to more bikes at NAHBS

Fortune 700 lll: Results

Riccardo was the overall winner! The race consisted of a three lap, two man teamed Time Trial and a Track bike Crit. There was a flub. No one timed the TT! So the races had to run a single lap... again. I'm waiting or more news on the race, everyone must be hungover, so I'll update as I get it. Congrats to Riccardo!

1st Jon Budinoff - James Zaldua
2nd Riccardo Stanley Mejia - Tony Zaldua
3rd Robert Rovira - Daniel Hoffmeter

1st Steven Fox
2nd Kevin Kang

1st Riccardo Stanley Mejia
2nd Tony Zaldua
3rd Jon Budinoff

1st Riccardo Stanley Mejia
2nd Tony Zaldua
3rd Jon Budinoff

1st Mei Zhao

Fortune 700 from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

Hard to watch

While this weekend was fun, there was some tragedy in Brazil. A motorist drove through a Critical Mass on Friday.
I must warn you, it is hard to watch. Very hard. My thought are with those riders.

Here is a link to The Urban County,
which is updating info daily. The driver ran, then turned himself in, Claiming "Self Defense" WTF.

This is his car, that he abandoned. "Self Defense", ya sure.

TOLA in the Wild

So good. This weekend was the first time I saw TOLA pins and Stickers in the wild. We need to get more shit going. Hint Hint, Joe.

East West Smash Up: Results

I told ya'll, it wouldn't rain. It was cold though, and windy. Big thanks to those 24 brave souls
who came out to race on Saturday! Thanks to Beaver for throwing another great installment of the Smash Up with me.
Can't wait for next year! Lot of new faces racing, I love it.

Juan's KHS Track Aero

The Aero. It's one of those Track frames everyone wants. Like the Cdale Track, The GT Pusle/ GTB, 04'-06' Concept, NJS anything, etc...
Juan Got one. Bastard.

Rider Profile: Danielle Marie

The Homegirl Danielle, will race the shit out of you. The first time I rode/ raced with her was on Wolfpack All-city lll. I saw this rider up ahead just blasting by guys, sprinting, racing all out. I was like you gotta catch up and work with racer. I caught up realized it was Danielle and we just took off really working well together. Then the next time we raced, she helped me win the VCR thanksgiving Alleycat, by doing the same shit, and giving a really good route. I wish I would ride more with her, and see her more. Not only is she super fun to ride with, she also is a blast to kick it with, shit talking the whole time, and giving you the best advice while doing so.

25 February, 2011

Project Infest Polo

Mikey went and took some shots last night of the Project Infest warehouse polo matches.

Check out the rest here!

Prolly at NAHBS

Go check out Prolly's Flickr. He is uploading a ton of great photo's from this years NABHS. Cinelli Booth!

Box Dog Bikes

New Water Bottles! I'll be by to pick one up next weekend!


Fastest Mechanic Competition 2011

Think you got what it takes?

GeekHouse: The NAHBS Process

Geekhouse just uploaded a rad photo essay of their NAHBS Process. I see Brad!
I wish I was in Austin for this, so many friends and dope builds to check out. I am Jelly.

Check it out here!

This weekend!

Part Duex! Its not gonna rain, so Ya'll better race. Got some really awesome sponsors and a good course for you guys. See you tommorrow!

It's the Three-Peat of the Fortune 700 on Sunday. You should know what is gonna go down, if you went to the other two!
This time though, there be a Birthday party at the afterparty! Happy Bday Chris!

24 February, 2011

Pistard: Milano

Pistard sent us over this email, on their new Cycling Merino Jersey "The Milano".
Looks good, right? Five Cargo pockets on the back, one of them water proof for your cellphone. Pretty cool.
Plus, when you order you get free Arm warmers! That's a deal.

Check it out here!


London-Africa from Brice on Vimeo.

Another awesome courier documentary. this one is from 1997 London, England. Pretty cool.

Freeman Transport: Cap

Nice 5 panels from the homies over at Freeman Transport. I had the pleasure of checking out their Bike bag,
and the bike that breaks down to fit inside at Golden Saddle Cyclery, the other day. Stupidly, I forgot my camera.
Dumb. More on that Bike/ Bag later.

Our Life on the Bycicle.

o.l.o.b part 2 from sebastian nitsche on Vimeo.

That place looks like a lot of fun.

Bring back SHLA!

Remember this blog? This Banner rocks.

Jusi, you miss your Felt? I might rebuild mine!

Thanks Hern, for reminding me.

Stanridge Speed Bicycles: Steel BB30 Low Pro

Sexy, sleek. I love Lo-pros, and this is a dope one. Saw this on Prolly, and it led me to Stanridge Speed Bicycles.
Go check out the site here, and go like their facebook for more shots of this bike.



That was awesome.

23 February, 2011

Cadence: Sace & Tool Pouch

Two pieces back in stock over at Cadence!

Chubby Boob: Improvements

New and improved!

Chubby Boob

Chrome: Ivan Review

More then a few months ago, Chrome sent me a Ivan, to check out. My first impressions, "Damn, this bag is huge". I rolled with it as my commuter bag, for about a month, it was just too much as a daily bag. I use it on Monday when I have to bring in a bunch of stuff to work. Best bag for heavy loads, or a ton of shit. This thing can hold it all. It has become my grocery getter, and long distance travel bag. I wanted to drop this review after I was in Seattle, hoping to get rained on, but there was no rain on that trip. Luckily, we just had a few storms come through LA last week and it got put to the test, namely the outer pocket, I use to carry my laptop...

22 February, 2011

Matt Montoya

Matt Montoya from Colby Elrick on Vimeo.

I think Colby will be alright. Can't same the same for Matt's ass.

Crosstown Traffic

The Homeboy Dylan sent this event over. Man, I might have to come up for this.
Macaframa is throwing a "Urban Cyclocross race" (sound familiar?) through DTSF, on March 5th.
Who wants to go up and race? Lets do this.
There is also a photo exhibition at Medicine Agency to celebrate the new Macaframa Bike and launch their new website.


TRACK WORLD CUP | MANCHESTER | A SHORT FILM from British Cycling on Vimeo.


Chrome: Spring '11

Chrome Kursk Pro from Chrome Bags on Vimeo.

Chrome just dropped a slew of new products for Spring '11. The ones I can't wait to get my hands on are the Kursk Pro. Here's a video of the homies at Cyclehawk putting them through their paces during the harsh East Coast winter.

Go check out Chrome for all of the other new gear and bags for Spring '11.

Personal Favorite, the Bishop Wallet, it comes with a Stainless Steel "Credit Card" bottle opener!


WHEEL TALK x THE GRIME from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

Ahh, Youth.

Fortune 700: Hoodies

The other Street race happening this weekend, Fortune 700 has printed limited edition Hoodies for $20 bucks. I met up with Chris and he hooked me up with one. Super comfy, great design, raised print on the back. Quantities are very limited, but Chris said if demand is there he will print more. So jump on it. Message Chris on the FB event page or come cop one day of the race, where they will be $25. Thanks Chris.

Too Soon?

Saw this on Ace's Tumblr. Bewm!

21 February, 2011

Rider Profile: Riccardo Stanley Mejia

We almost didn't have a Monday profile today. I have been pestering Riccardo all day about getting me the answers. He finally finished. Thank god. Hahaha. Seriously though I am very proud of this kid and how fast he has taken to riding bikes. I love to see him at races, and I always want him to win (unless I'm racing, of course). He is part of this next generation of LA cyclists, coming up from the streets, and that are gonna be killing it on every style of bike they touch, but also working on creating a better cycling city for LA. Everyone should take note and watch out. I will be right there cheering them on. Keep it up Riccardo, you are the future and I think it is in good hands.

YancoSaurusRex: New hats!

I love the Workmen cap and the Hatfields, and have a collection going on. These will be new editions to the pile. Great looking Caps from my two homies, Yanco and Tracko.

Deets from the Man himself:

Got some new Workmen's Caps made from a Vintage Liz Claiborne chambray poncho. These are definitely lighter than the usual Workmen's Cap allowing them to fit under a helmet a little easier and will keep your head a little cooler. But I doubt most of America is worried with keeping cool right now.

I also got a few new Hatfields made with the 2011 London Tweed Run in mind. Both wools were imported from bloody London with the idea that I would hopefully sell most of these Hatfields to Londoners participating in the Tweed Run. The first is the London Tweed Run named after the April 10th London Tweed Run Flyer's color palette and the second is Red London named after the band Red London. Both are made from a 100% wool imported from London. Anyone with a London address will also be receiving a special gift from us here at Tracko with your purchase.

As Kyle would say "Swoop Here"

BFF 2011

Who wants to help me make a movie for this years BFF?

Or learn how to Submit your own movie here.

Tokyo Bike Messengers 2010

Tokyo Bike Messengers 2010 from Aashis G on Vimeo.

Looks like it's popping for the Messengers in Toyko. I had no idea. Great short!

Prize pile

So, someone asked on the Race event page, "What are the prizes like?" Well, here's a photo of what I have collected from our sponsors. Beaver also has more then a few things at his house. Hope it makes you want to race! I would do it anyways...

Full list of Sponsors

Cache, Eyeone, and Skypager

New epic bike piece on Sunset in Silverlake, just west of Coronado. Good shit from the homies. The best part? This will be untouched and last until these guys decide to do something new there. Why? Out of respect.

I got another ticket.

While running errands on Saturday, I was headed home before the rains hit. Cruising down Virgil, hit a red light, didn't stop for it, did the old hook around the back of the car going through the light. A block later, LAPD nabbed me. The cops were cool, and we chatted for a bit, they knocked the ticket down to "a illegal lane change violation " Thank god. Those red light runner tickets are pricey down here.

This Man is a Beast.

Take notes Greg. Hoy destroyed the field, before the crash. Incredible. Beastly.

Here is the aftermath of the crash. It's gnarly...

A heads up for the weekend.

Beaver and Mine's Race! One of my favorites to throw and it's this Saturday!

FB Event Page.

Then on Sunday, it's the third installment of Fortune 700!

FB event Page.

If you don't come to the race, come to the after party, it's Chris's Bday and it'll be all swag.

After Party

Happy Presidents Day.

This goes out to those that have to work today.

20 February, 2011

LAVRA Cup Feb 19th 2011

While I was today, dodging Red light runner tickets from LAPD (more on that later) , Beaver was at ADT, shooting the LAVRA Cup. Nice photos, my guy!

Check more out here.

18 February, 2011

Chrome: Kursk Pro

They are Finally dropping! I have been wanting to run these on my bike since seeing them at Interbike last year. I just love the lo-pro look of them. All black, suits me just fine, red sole is swag too. Hope they hold up under heavy shredding, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Drops: 2/22/2011

Get them here when available

Here's some deets from the site
1,000 denier Cordura with back-padding
100% vulcanized construction
Low profile design
Compatibility with most clipless pedal systems
Full-length nylon shank plate for added riding rigidity
Built-in foot rocker for added walking ease and comfort
Board lasted sole with Polyurethane slam pad to eliminate pedal hot spot
Skid resistant contact rubber on the sole
Durable rubber heel cup with reflective safety hit
Lace garage so laces don’t get caught in your chainring
Steel aglets to keep laces from fraying


Ted? Decent Converse Spot.


Spotted over at Hern's tumblr.

Read more about it here!

3m, Son!

Get them over at 14 Bike Co. Dope.

RATSKL - Rayyiu Radzi Part 2

RATSKL - Rayyiu Radzi Part 2 from Rayyiu Radzi on Vimeo.

I want one so bad. Nice Geekhouse Rockcity, Rayyiu! I'm Jelly.

17 February, 2011



Via Milano Fixed

Bumstead Crew: Jonathan Davis sCRAP footage

Jonathan Davis sCRAP footage from garrison Bumstead on Vimeo.

The homeboys in action.

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots

The Legendary: A Film About The Roots from Cam Be on Vimeo.

The hardest working band in showbiz... Love me some Roots.

MASHSF: Care Package

Mr. Martin (no relation) sent me a MASH Care Package. Got the sweet new T-shirt, a bunch of stickers and a couple of MASH pens! Stoked. Thanks my guy, I'll see you at the Marathon Crash Race down here or in SF, when I come up next month.

16 February, 2011

Native SS11 Photoshoot

Native SS11 Photoshoot from Native Shoes on Vimeo.

The home girl Jen from the BFF, is all up in here. Good look for you girl!

Via Prolly

Native Shoes

Cadence: Classic Seattle

keyword from cadence studios on Vimeo.

This was a secret video a few years ago, that Dustin shared with the friends of Cadence. He has released it again for the world to see. I'm happy he did. It really makes me miss Seattle, and the rain we are having in LA right now, is making want to take a trip up north with my bike. Great footage of a time long forgotten... LOL.

Kinfolk Studios NYC Open House & Premiere Exhibition

The Homies at Kinfolk are opening the NYC studios to a Open House and Premiere Exhibition. Which will lead into the opening of the Kinfolk Bar & Lounge later this year! So cool! When do we get one in LA?

Via the Kinfolk Blog

EDC in my bag.

Someone asked me the other day, "What do you carry on a normal day in your bag?". So this is my basic EDC (Every Day Carry) on my commute to work, and what is always in my bag.

Camera USB
ipod USB
TOLA Pins/ Stickers
Allen Wrenches
15mm Ice Toolz wrench
Tire Levers
Patch Kits
Bike Map of LA
Reload Tool Bag (which holds most of these items)

Of course, I carry a Laptop to work and my Camera, along with work clothes, but the items listed are what it always in my bag, no matter what I am doing.

TOLA Stickers

LAB had a surprise for me yesterday. Vinyl Cut Stickers! A limited run, so you're gonna have to catch me in the streets, if you want one. Have no fear, I will be getting a lot more in the future. Thanks to LAB!

Looks sick!

15 February, 2011

Chrome: Tango Tandem Giveaway

Our friends at Chrome are giving away a Tango Tandem for Vday! Maybe if I win this, I'll find that special lady friend to ride off into the sunset with...

Enter here!

Fixie Horse

Alternative to Gold sprints?

Milano Fixed

Matt Sharkey: Industrial Profile

Our friend Sharkey from Chrome, has well deserved Industrial Profile over at Malakye. Read up where Matt came from and where he is going. Read the profile here.

14 February, 2011

Supreme x Cinelli/ Supreme x Leyzne

This is hypebeast shit, but I want both. The pump looks sick, and Leyzne puts out great products.

Via the Highsnob

Ideum Apparel

Ideum Apparel, one of the sponsors of The East West Smash up, just dropped a new shirt.
Fixed, a "Four crazy sweet f===ing color American Apparel tee." Lovely, looks great guys.

Pick it up here.

OC vs LA: Results: LA won!

StrykerLA, threw an Alleycat this weekend in Fullerton. The theme was OC vs LA. A County rivalry checkpoint race. It was pretty fun, five checkpoints all over the place, I mean all over. I heard some racers clocked over 50 miles and were lost a lot of the time. I had the pleasure of following locals to half of the checkpoints before they got lost, trying to find the 3rd checkpoint and went a different way from me, which at that point Riccardo jumped in with me, and we gambled on the directions of a motorist at a light. It paid off. We found the missing checkpoint (that no one else had yet) and it was in bag at that point. Got the last checkpoints after working together with the 3rd place winner, Johnny Rojas, then headed off to the finish, just Riccardo and I. I sprinted in at the finish to take it, but in the end Riccardo and I wanted to share the win, since we worked together to make sure that LA took home the victory. We did around 30 miles or more for total mileage, a long one. Thanks to Kevin, for a great race! Thanks to all of those who raced (35 of you) and we'll see you at the next one!

Which is this one .

Here's a link to Zacks flickr for photos from the race!