06 April, 2010

LDG pursuit inspired frame! DOPE!

Ok so there has been a lot of back and forth about Livery Design Gruppe and their direction. Some cry about them putting Local Bike shops out of biz and some just cry in general. In some aspects I have to agree, one company cannot do EVERYTHING. Somethings you are good at some you suck. With that said I really , really like the lines and design of Livery's new "Pursuit" style frame. I feel like they hit it on the nail with this one. Nice job fellas! Now if they just let me do a paint scheme and proper build, with drops of course, it would be Game over.... I really would like to test this puppy out...

Mission Workshops: Grocery Run

Grocery Run - Vandal Cargo Backpack from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

These bags are amazing... Everyone I know, who has one loves the shit out of it.

Baphomet Cycles

Damn, I like these. I wish there were better pictures on their site, but I like what they got going on. Simple shit.
Knickers for riding and Hoodie that holds your helmet in place. Out of Boulder, CO. Thanks Jerome

Here the deets on hellmet hoodie from the picture

--lightweight hoodie (not as warm or as heavy as a heavy weight)
--Hook/Loop fasteners keep your hood stuck on your Helmet
--Comes with 2 pieces of stick-on Hook fasteners for your Helmet
--glove-friendly nylon webbing tab for hood engage/disengagement
--the logo, drive-side shoulder-blade

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