08 October, 2010

Ross Johnson FTW

Ross Johnson FTW from Pat La Rock on Vimeo.

Nice, chill edit. What is the deal will these monster ratios, though? No one likes to spin out anymore?

Bill Walton

Tree People...

Via Massan, nice find. I had to share.


Last night was a success, now it's on to next week.

The line up will be up later today, just make sure you'll be there. Promise?


Love from Chrome

Yay! Thanks guys. I can't wait to put the Ivan to the test, I mean destroy it. The hat rocks, so comfy. New favorite, right away. Good looking out!

Joe, there's something in the works...

Custom by Cadence

Customized by Dustin, for Fergus. Nice.

Check out the rest of it here.

Tea Party

Matt Maceda from Jonny Vincent on Vimeo.

I love this. On so many levels.

Great Spot, homies!

Made my day.

This weekend, so much fun!

The NACCC! good luck everybody! My money is on Chas or Baby Murder. Of course, Derek will kill it. Happy Early 10-9, everybody! Tomorrow will be fucking crazy in the ATL. Go give your favorite Messenger a hug, tomorrow.

BFF Seattle, be there!

Sunday is gonna be awesome. The best part is, Juan and I will be selling the first TOLA! T-shirts, all day outside of O20. $10 bucks that day only, after that, they go to $15 and will be available through the blog. Juan did the design, (sick) and we will be screen printing all day, Saturday. So come say Hi, have a beer and buy a Tee, on Sunday!

Hidden Friends

My homeboy Vance has a Great site and Project Called Hidden Friends. He came through last night, and hooked it up with a T-shirt. The Graphic is awesome. I can't wait to see what else is up his sleeve...

This the Quote from the About Page, So good.

A loose alliance of like-minded people who are a little like LifeSavers,
colorful and sweet, only every fourth one tastes like dogshit.