15 July, 2010

Happy Bday Ace Boogie!!!

Happy Birthday my friend. Hope, it's a good one!!! If you don't know Ace, you should. One my best doods, in LA. Very talented on and off the bike. If he was working, I would say go to O20 and give him some love, but if you see him in the streets today, tell him I love him.


Mission Workshops: Art show Thursday (7/15) - BBQ and Beer

Rage! I really to need to come up and visit you guys, ya'll really know how to do it up. Joe, you better be going to this.

Here's the deets

Go to it, if you are in SF.

Bikes for Women's Independence.

Today the bicycle is mainly known as a recreational vehicle and is enjoyed by people in every corner of the world. But at its outset, this controversial machine forged roads into society that revolutionized politics, fashion, and social policy as well as paved the way for the mechanized world of motion to come. Victorian Cycles, Wheels of Change is a fascinating documentary about the bicycles coming of age and its tremendous impact on society. It is filled with images of a by-gone era, and the people who embraced its change.

So cool!

Zlog Snapbacks

So dope. I'm ordering one right now. I missed out these the first time.

Get it here

Nice looking hat Zach!