30 August, 2010


WOLFDRAWN x CONGO from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Nice edit from the homies...

BFF LA, Plan your week!!!

Opening day!!! See ya'll there!

While I won't be attending this, it looks really fucking good, and hope to see this in the future. I'll see you at the after party!

This is why I won't be attending the Birth of big air... Big fucking day for us! The World Premiere!!! Rides!!! (two of them) Race!!! Movie!!! I cannot wait til Friday.

During the Urban Bike shorts programs, we got LA up in that bitch. All-city lll, Line of sight, Tokyo to Osaka. Go support.

Come hang out with the Nerd Crew...

I will be updating as the week starts, this is just a heads up. Get ready!!!

Oh and there's movies going as well, here's the schedule!

The Young Bloods: Video!

Young Guns from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

Thanks for putting this edit out, Andrew. Been waiting for it, felt good to give back to the kids. I hope to throw more races like this, the kids in LA are coming up.