25 August, 2010

Wear a helmet.

Please wear a helmet. My good friend Juan, was hit and run today. He was hit on Alvarado and Sixth st. around 1030am. If you know that hill, it's no joke. Three lanes full of traffic, semi-steep hill all trying to beat those real short lights on Alvarado, (this is the start to mine and Juan's commute everyday) he was hit going 25+mph, the only thing that happened to his bike was his non-driveside crankarm was ripped off at the spindle of the BB. Of course, he has road rash and a sore body, thank god he wore his helmet today. I implore you all to wear your helmet, I realize it should be choice, and not a law. For your friends and families sake, wear your fucking helmet. I'm glad your okay, big dog...

If, by any chance you saw this go down this morning or heard of it, and have any info please contact us here. Thank you.

Allee: Exodus

I forgot the homies from Allee. A last minute Sponsor for the Lord of Griffith ll. Local company, just getting off the ground. Great hip bags, awesome design. It was a nice addition to the prize pot. They also kicked one down to the "Youngbloods Race" the day before. Good looking out. I want one.

If you want one or more info on Allee, email Jeff at lazarodesigns@gmail.com

Thanks Homie, sorry it took me a minute.

Prolly pre-order, or not to Prolly pre-order?

Dope, good looking hat from Prolly. I always wanted my own hat, and I'm stoked for you, John. I really like it and pre-ordered one. You should too. Joe, so now Prolly has a hat, Zlog has a hat, Tracko has a hat, I think we need to make this hat thing happen.

Pre-order here.

Japan, you get the best shit.

Dustin, hook us up!

MASH Photo Spot

It's a really cute idea, and a good way to get your stickers up everywhere...

Why? Here's the why... and get em here.

The intended purpose is for it's user to offer up a suggested location for others to create a scenic image of their own. A play on Kodak's original Photo Spot campaign found in theme parks, and national parks around the world. We look forward to this being an ongoing icon for others to share their own favorite locations from rides around the world. Send us your photo, and we will be adding them to a photo series at mashsf.com

Pretty neat.

Skate Park Day

Skate Park Day from steven jensen on Vimeo.

Always stoked to see the homies from Seattle ripping it up. I keep saying I'll be up soon, but life, throws you curve balls some time, and then your Parents decide to visit, then it's Interbike, so the end of next month, I'll be there. Keep killing it!!!

via Zlog