01 March, 2011

113th Austral Wheelrace

113th Austral Wheelrace from cycling tips on Vimeo.

Tilt shift!


Really cool Images over at Fixedrome. Check them out.

Chrome: Kursk Pro: First look

Chrome Sent me a pair of their new Kursk Pros. Chrome's first clip-in Sneaker, I'm pretty stoked to try these out. At first glance, and walk about in them, they are stiff as any other clip-in cycling shoe. I rode them to work yesterday, and I dug them. It took a minute to adjust to them, but by the time I was riding home, I was digging them. I am happy I worked out the cleat placement, the night before, otherwise I would have been cursing the gods. It did take me a few times to get placement right. There are a few other things I noticed, once riding in them. I will give a detailed account in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Fuck this bike

Fuck this bike/Farewell Dawes from Shane Hunt on Vimeo.


Golf Wang.