05 August, 2010

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Ride A.D.

Ride A.D. Andrew comes out and films everything bike related in Los Angeles. Everything. So when he hit me up to sponsor, I thought " Well, I'll get an edit out it, and the racers will get some tees. Works for me" I happy to have to him support my events, so be sure to check out his stuff and come out to race.

Dead Baby Downhill

Is tomorrow! 14 years running strong, one of the biggest bike events in Seattle. It's really more about the party at the end then the race, I love the race though. I should've come up for this... Oh well, I'll be up in Seattle, August, 18th-24th. Where I'll do some shop checks, rider profiles, seeing shows, and fucking ridin my bike everywhere. Some homies and I are planning a ride to the Marymoor Velodrome, on Sunday, August 22nd. Which just so happens to be the International State Championships that day. Come along if you're in Seattle. It's 18.8 miles one way on the Burke-Gilman. Epic. Hahaha.

Flyer from the homie at Go means Go