05 August, 2011


So I'm gonna start jumping into this trip recap. I'm start off with the one of
the coolest things that happened. My cousin's, my Sister, Ben and I were doing a tour of
their hometown of Malmo by bikes (more on swedes and their bikes later), when I really needed
to adjust my saddle height. We were by a skatepark and I saw a workstand set up and folks
working on their bike. I asked to use their tools and Ben and kelly chatted the guy who was
running the spot. It turns out, it was called "Cykeloket" Swedish for "Bicycle Kitchen"!
The guy tells us a story and show us news clippings about how the place got started.
It was inspired by the LA Bicycle Kitchen! Ben speaks up at this point and says, "I'm one
of founders of that bike kitchen on LA" The guy was floored and it really shows what a small
world we live in. LA bike culture inspiring Swedish riders.

Pretty fucking cool.

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